Research Post 5

This research post is a letter written by the united states secretary of education discussing the issues with schools and sexual violence. She discusses how title nine needs to be strongly enforces across all schools and universities in the nation. She also discusses how title nine has been used to change the way schools and … More Research Post 5

Research Post 4

The article named out of balance, written by Jake New is one I find very interesting for my research. In it he discusses several different colleges that have lost numerous rulings against male students accused of sexual assault. He discusses how over the year’s things have changed and now males have more chance of winning … More Research Post 4

Research Post 3

This is an article from CNN and is written by Ashley Fantz, She discusses the financial cost of rape and issues with it. She also mentions title nine and how rapes in universities is becoming a big issue nowadays. She mentions that a lot of people in universities don’t know their rights under title nine … More Research Post 3

Research Post 2

This article was also written by Tyler Kingkade who writes about students who claim that schools didn’t take importance in what they had to say about being accused of sexual assault. These students apparently had witnesses and the schools did not interview their witnesses. These witnesses’ testimony could have proved these students to be innocent, … More Research Post 2

Research Post 1

This article was written by Tyler Kingkade who writes about a male student who was accused of sexual assault and did not have a chance to defend himself was against the school’s allegation, which then led to his expulsion. This student, who is unnamed, then goes on to sue the school and actually wins. This … More Research Post 1